..Poverty crept on..

                                                               My old house

      50 over years ago my father was seen working so hard to build a small house for his family.He cut some wood he collected himself in the woods nearby.Then he bought some planks for the wall and the floor.With the help of some friends the house was ready within a few weeks.There it was.With only one room and a small kitchen enough to keep a few pots and pans.He was very proud of the house.Maybe because he built it himself. He told me once."Nanti bila hangpa besar, belajar elok2 boleh lah buat umah besar.Rumah batu , nanti ayah boleh tumpang duduk sama."He said as he bent down collecting the nails back into the box.
          The poverty in the family never left even a dream in my mind to have a house like my father has always wanted.But now after that morning helping him to collect the nails into the box, here I am in a house of my own.It is not a big house but it is sure much bigger than the house my father built long ago...
           Ayah if only you are here to witness this....I have fulfilled your wishes to have a good job ,with a good family and a comfortable house to live in.
           Moga Allah rahmati roh ayah di alam barzah.Moga ayah 'senang' di sana di dalam taman-taman indah yang Allah telah janjikan untuk roh2 orang yang selalu menerima doa dari anak-anaknya....Amin.

         This house looks exactly like my house long ago.The tall windows, the veranda where I used to lepak and chat with Mariyani...The difference is my house was painted brown ...

                                                         MY HOUSE NOW.


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