.Sob Sob Sob....

                                            My father's last days

   When I was in form one my father suddenly fell sick.He was sick on and off for two years.Sometimes he was ok and sometimes he would lie down in bed for days.He had terrible pain in the stomach that saw him crying so hard.I would run into my room every time he had the attack and closed my ears.Couldnt stand to see him that way.
     Then we knew it was cancer of the liver.since then life was not the same ever again.My mom was a housewife in every sense of the word.She knew nothing of how to work except her daily routine around the house.We had a hard time to make ends meet.
     A year later after a long stay in the ward he was transfered to Penang Hospital for the big operation. Soon after that he was sent back home.Doctor told my mum he had only little time left.
     I stayed by his side day and night.Tried to make up for the time lost when he was healthy and fit.He was not talking or showing any recognition when he opened his eyes.Then he was gone.my siblings and I sat there like statues.My mom just looked into space.There was no tears in her eyes..My father was barely 37 !!


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