Life after his death

                                                           After my father's death

                   It was three years of miserable hopeless empty days.My second brother was 13,my third brother was 7, and my youngest sister was 2.It was hard to make ends meet.We live on a day to day basis.Maybe we had food for lunch but we were not sure whats for dinner.
                   During big days like hari raya my siblings and I would stay by the windows and watched people passed by in new colorful clothes.We hadn't any.Everybody in the house was strangely quiet.No one complained about anything.Deep in my heart I promised to myself my children will not go without baju raya because I know how it felt .
                   I have the best siblings in the world.They never complained about anything.Lunch or dinner , they just ate what was served to them.
                   When it rained water would be everywhere in the house.The leaking  and holes in the atap roof
caused puddles of water here and there.My mom would would put a pail here, a towel there.We would moved fast to this corner or that corner to keep away from the raindrops.I liked to look up and see where the holes were because when the drops of rain fell on my face nobody would know that I was crying......


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