memory lane.... I am a stranger now..

      This morning I went to Telok Kacang.I saw the land where my old house stood 40 years ago.I saw the old jack tree still standing tall and proud.I looked across the road and saw the small shop where I used to buy groceries and where I bought the pink kropok to share with Mariyani and Faridah.
      I breathed in the air there slowly like I wanted to gulp in every single memory back into me.I left this place to be where I am now with a family of my own.
      I watched the people passing by.All of them were unfamiliar faces.I am a stranger now to the place.The place that made a different person out of me....


      The familiar lane I was so attached to .Mariyani's house used to be on the left where that yellow house is.On the right was the grocery shop I used to buy my pink kropok.Opposite Mariyani's house where you can see the banana plant was the place we used to play, sang songs and chatted like there was no tmorrow..


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