.What a relief !

                                              There was light at the end of the tunnel

           It seemed ages since my last post. I wanted to continue so much but I was busy with my work.Loads of books to marks.Papers to correct.
          I remember when I was offered to train in MTC (Penang) a teacher's training college. It was the best news ever., but another dilemma awaited me.If I accept the offer  then who would take care of my family? It was a very hard decision to make.
          God is great, suddenly my second brother got a job at the local sugar factory in Chuping.My two years in college saw my brother working hard with overtime and extra work to keep the family going.A young boy in his teens working like an adult just to give his big sister a chance to be a teacher as I always wanted.

                            My brother worked here when I accepted the offer to go to college.



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