Faten ...prom queen? .he he

   Since as early as 5 years old she liked to put her small feet into my high heel shoes. She went..krap krap krap walking about in the living room.Then she woud wear my dress...meleret leret cuci lantai..bergaya depan cermin and posed macam model.

   Bila dah jadi anak dara its not a big surprise to see her taking a deep interest on skin care , hair, figure..sometimes minta duit, bukan apa pun, cream ni habis, cream tu habis.She takes good care of her skin to look ok at all time. Makan kacang pun takut kalau2 tumbuh jerawat.ha ha.

  Last two nights they had this prom night. Faten and her friends were very much looking forward to it.
She was grumbling about not having a nice dress to the party.(just like me , ada baju tpi dok complain tak dak ...).
   Awal-awal lagi dah pakat dengan her sister Famila nak baju for the prom night. Akhirnya dapat jugak.Kakak selalu never dissapoint her siblings.

   I bought her a matching pair of shoes. Clutch bag? she has one already. The evening of the prom, she prepared semua apa yang nak di pakai for the night.
   Later that night she sms her kakak and told her she was the queen of the night. Happy la..

     The following photos speak everything..

                                                         Terbalik la pulak..

                                              On the stage as prom queen..

                                               Among friends that night

                                       Walking to her car after the event..dengan hati kembang...



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