Smile an everlasting smile..

             If happiness can be shown through facial expression, than a wide smile is sure is the answer..betul tak..
            Once I heard on tv that smiles can improve your health, even toned down your stress question, betul ka?
            They also say smiling can trick your body to help you change your mood..

            I remember a girl very much my senior in Derma School dulu, always smiled. Anywhere I saw her there was always a smile on her face. I love to see that.She looked so sweet.
           One day I was having my ECG at the hospital.When all was done and I was waiting outside the doctor's room, I saw her !.She worked there.Not wearing her uniform, but not a doctor either, maybe a clerk or something.She was still smiling.Still so sweet to my eyes.Smiling to strangers , to everybody.
          It is just logical, that a frown or a grimace drive people away but a smile always draws people close.Smiling does not only keep you happy, but also those around you..
         I remember one teacher who taught me mathematics in the lower secondary. I never saw him smiled. Its always an ugly grimace when he entered the classroom, or just a frown. He was the one too that will throw away books through the window when we made mistakes.I guess that must be one of the reasons why I hate mathematics until now.

         People speak of being in a good or bad mood.It always have positive or negative valence. One motivator said , a smile can instantly lift your spirits ..He said smiling produces effects in your brings feelings of happiness.I agree to this too.

             The girl back there in Derma did something to me with her much so I want to keep on smiling always...just like her.

           Mother Teresa said, Let us smile, for the smile is the beginning of LOVE..
           The prophet said, senyum itu sedekah..
           Yang paling best of course , doctors say, smiling makes you look younger..! !

                              If all the above are true , come smile with me . Let us keep on smiling...



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