terkejut ! !

          This is an incident that happened on Thursday at Wangsa Walk. After lunch at Tupai-Tupai, Famila wanted to take me to see  the old Istana Negara.Since the new istana is ready, the old one was opened for the public.So those wondering about  what you will likely see in the palace , you can satisfy yourself there, your mind will take you back to balairong seri or balai penghadapan  as what you see in the old Malay movies dulu2.

                                                  The old Istana Negara

    Luckily Famila checked in the internet dulu and found out the palace was already closed for public on 16th June.I was 4 days late...

                                            The breathtaking new Istana Negara .

       We headed to Wangsa Walk instead. Sara was tremendously happy, maklum tempat dia familiar..Tiba2 something happened. As we were descending the escalator Famila's long flaring skirt was stucked in the escalator. She kept pulling it out in vain.

      I have heard about accidents on escalators and some deaths too. Panicked, I called out the guard who was looking at us.He just stood like 'patung cendana '...did not even move to come and have a look.geramnya tak terkira.

     I was thinking worst come to worst the thing would pulled all the skirt in, but she still have her petticoat, but what if the skirt is strongly fasten on her waist She will fall down and serious things can happen.

     I was shouting now to the dumbest guard I have ever seen in my life who kept looking on as if Famila was having fun pulling out her skirt out of the escalator.
    But my eldest born was the calmest lady I could ever imagine her to be.When she reached the bottom of the escalator, she pressed the emergency shut-off  button to stop the device.

    Then she told me to go get a pair of scissors. Fortunately the shop opposite the escalator sells things like ribbons, thread dan benda2 yang sewaktu dengannya including scissors.
   She calmly cut off bahagian yang masih melekat di escalator tu. and walked on as if nothing had happened.

   In fact boleh continue shopping dengan kain koyak rabak di bahagian bawah tu..phuuuhhh.Tapi bila tengok sekali imbas macam fashion la pulak nmpak macam frills at the bottom hem.

    Back to her house after that I was still terketar2..gerun dalam hati tak habis.To readers out there be careful when using escalators.if u have to wear long flaring skirts dont stand too close to the edges of steps where entrapment can occur.

   Kakak if you read this...adoi , mak masih trauma until now..



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