A mother is always a mother..

          It was the day where parents came to receive report cards from the class teachers. I gave a brief explanation to the parents who came to collect the report cards . Bukan apa, based on the percentage achieved , mungkin ada murid2 yang akan diturunkan kelas dari kelas A ke B., dan yang melonjak maju dari B kelas akan ke A.Biasa la tu.
         Most of  the parents ambik berat and tanya itu ini about their children's progress.And I explain about each and everyone of them.
         Akhirnya di dapati hanya seorang murid perempuan akan di turunkan kelas ke kelas B. A girl. and another boy from the B class akan ke A class.
         The girl ..Dira ( not her real name ) seemed so sad. I felt so bad. I didnt want to do this.She looked at me with those watery eyes. Oh my God. I am not allowing this to happen. So I decided to let her stay in the A class, dan nak ambik hati Zakry ( Not his real name jugak ) I put him in the A class.
        Senyum simpul Zakry..I held him by the shoulder and said,
        " Show me kamu layak berada dalam kelas A.ok ? "
        Dengan suara lantang "YES teacher, thank you teacher " oih oih semangat tu.! macam ni I nak.
        Before I could announce that I still want Dira in the A class, a lady appeared in front of the door. Dear God, she dressed like .. well I dnt know how to put it in words.With a tight sleeveless blouse, tight jeans with heels, hair as blonde as bulu jagung kat pasar malam Kangar..
        She came straight to me, burst into tears and said, ..
        "Teacher , tolong la jangan ubah kelas anak saya Dira, kesian dia teacher saya janji dia akan usaha lebih spaya dapat bersaing dengan kawan2 dia dari kelas ni. "

        I looked at her and my eyes watered just like her, here was a mother , whoever she was, no matter how she dressed herself, no matter how she behaved, she is still a mother.And she wanted the best for her daughter.

        "Tak pa jangan susah hati, Dira tak akan pindah kelas.Dia akan terus dalam kelas ni " I explain. Dia tundukkan muka dia, held my hands and said thank you berkali2.

        Then after that baru I tahu ibu bapa Dira baru bercerai....but one question.. I dont know why some ladies kena pakai macam tu bila ditinggal suami.

        But my heart went to her. Dira stayed in my class and proved she really work hard to change her percentage. And sure enough she obtained 4As and 1B in her UPSR. I am glad...


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