Monday, 25 June 2012

walk walk walk..and kejutan ketiga...

     It was late for me to start walking at 700 am.Usually it will be around 645 the latest.The sun is creeping out slowly to show itself. Walk walk walk...Met a neighbour, quite near my house ,but never have the opportunity to sembang2.
     We talked as we walked.The jogging track has holes here and there, so now instead of admiring the greens around, my eyes have to focus on the track, dah kena twice hampir terjatuh.Tak boleh enjoy jalan macam ni.I heard from the Chinese friends (regular joggers ) who live around the area , a few young Malay men came at night , curi bata2 tu, ish ish...


    Here bata2 jalan semua penoh , tak ada yang missing , maybe because this part is so near to Seri Garden , a new hotel in Kangar. And on my left is a Gudduwara, a place of worship for the sikhs.

   This morning I was lucky to see someone casting his net at the river along the track.Banyaknya dia dapat ikan .Dont ask me what fish , I tak kenal.Tapi no puyu or haruan, ikan warna putih2 besar2.It was fun to see him picking the fish and putting them into his plastic bag.

   Paling nak tergelak, kita tanya satu soalan dia jawab sepuluh, siap explain macam2 yang tak ditanya.Terlebih friendly la pulak.Tapi kagum tengok how a man so responsible buat odd jobs as long as he is able to bring back food for the family .

    Last but not least, nampaknya memang minggu ni minggu terkejut lagi kali ketiga. As I was walking for the second round , a man appeared. He was in his late thirties. Nampak macam orang normal, tapi as he walked in the opposite direction ,I saw him took the right collar of his shirt and hid half of his face..Pelik..
    I looked down at his feet, he wasnt wearing any shoes !  and  sampai masa berselisih dengan dia , I heard him giggling to himself and said.
       " Tu la nanti kita buat mesyuarat...." Then he said
       " oooo, mesti la hotel lima bintang , mana boleh tempat lekeh2.ha ha ha" He giggled.

   Ya Rabbi, tak betul rupanya.Muda2 dah jadi macam ni, kesian, Hmmm, tapi I dont feel that scared sebab my regular friends the Chinese couple ada di depan, the other Chinese man working at the pawn shop was also jogging nearby..
    Tapi dalam berani tu, toleh juga belakang 2 ,3 kali...he he.


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