Tuesday, 7 June 2011

your wealth was based on the size of the 'Jelapang'

      I used to see long ago mostly at every house there was a 'jelapang'.A small hut which acted as a store to keep the paddy grains. Mostly all the villagers were paddy planters.
        My dad told me if you wanted to check who was the richest man in the village , then look at the size of his 'jelapang'.The bigger the jelapang was, the richer the man.It referred to the amount of paddy stored there.Below is Mr Adnan sitting at one of the jelapang found here in Perlis. Jelapang is not many now  since paddy is no more stored .It is sent to the rice factory as soon as it is harvested...

                                                  Mr Adnan is a reporter here in my place.

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