Monday, 20 June 2011

Sharp horns on the loose....! !

                        I was on my way home after my quran class. I was 10 years old then. I was living in the village near my grandmother's house then before we moved to a place along the streets of Telok Kacang , about 3/4 kilometer from Kangar.

                        It was around 5pm . No one was in sight .I was walking fast.One thing I was afraid of the bushes.I got the idea there were snakes in the bushes.My mum always told me frightening stories so that I would always stay at home and read my books..
                        When I came to the small lane leading to my house I saw something big in the middle of the road. A big black buffalo was grazing there.

                        At the beginning  I was not scared at all. Then suddenly I saw the rope tying the buffalo was lying loosely on the road. The animal was on the loose !

                         Then suddenly the animal looked up and saw me.Our eyes met.I stepped backwards slowly.He looked at me.....
                       Then he moved forward slowly at first, then getting faster and faster.In my mind i was thinking hard.What to do, what to do..I looked at his feet.They were moving fast now!
                          I turned and ran for dear life, yelling " mak mak kerbau !"
The next day the story spread like the wind. My friends were talking about it.Then suddenly a boy (my classmate) said he would register my name for the next sports day in the 100 meter event.

                         Then he laughed his heart out and told his side of the story.He was there all along  to witness me running like a lunatic....I didnt know whether I would laugh with them or throw my slippers on his face......

PS. The buffalo below has nothing to do with my story.The picture looked so familiar , so I put it here just  to  have some life in the story...he he..

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