Tuesday, 14 June 2011

cucumber from the garden with home made sauce..yummy


                 People in my village always spent some time growing vegetables .My father was no exception .He had this small plot of land ( very small indeed ) which he planted only chillies and cucumbers.
                Around 5 or 6 in the evening we (including mum and my brother ) would be in our small garden. I would help to pull the weeds or water the plants.There was no watering cans then.Instead I used pails to do the job.When the cucumber was ready to pluck we would collect them into small basins.A few would be given to neighbors.
                But one thing I will never forget was how I ate the cucumbers.There was no chilli sauce then.So my grandma would pluck some fresh chillies, pounded with garlic, mix with some sugar and a pinch of salt, mix all together.There you are , the best original chilli sauce ever.
                I would cut the cucumber into long slices, spread the sauce on it, and enjoy my own rojak, right there among the cucumber leaves....so crunchy, so fresh , so finger-licking good...

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