Saturday, 11 June 2011

I Let my ayah's pet bird go free..

                             One day when I was in year five my father brought home a merbuk (peaceful dove).My two brothers were excited about it.He put it in a small cage and hanged it by the kitchen window.
                              He fed the bird with small paddy grains ( specially for birds ).Every morning before going to work , he would snap his fingers near the cage and went 'kru,kru,kru' .I just looked at him.He looked happy. He loved the bird.Saw him stroking it's feathers...
                              Two months passed by.One afternoon after school I saw the bird restlessly moving about in the cage.No kru,kru sound anymore.I found out there was no more seeds left in the bowl.The bird was hungry.I put some rice .The bird paid no attention to it.I ran to the paddy field and searched for left over paddy seeds.Took home.The bird did not touched them.
                              When father came home I told him about it and urged him to buy the seeds.On the third day there was still no seeds in the bowl. ..I could not stand it any longer.
                              I opened the door of the cage and let the bird out.For a few minutes it just stayed there .I put my hand inside , held it in my hands and let it fly.
                              It was nearly 3 pm, My father would come home any minute then.I was ready to face him. After his lunch, he stood up to play with the bird.
                              Then I heard, "Maznah,mana burung?"
                              I looked up and said" Cek lepaih.sebab dia tk mkn dah tiga hari.Smua benda dh cuba bagi tapi dia tk mau makan.Pesan ayah banyak kali tk beli jugak.Cek Kesian.Cek lepaih"
                              He did not say a word. Got his towel and out of my sight. My mum was muttering why I let go of the bird.Malas nak explain again, I just kept quiet.
                              The next day during his lunch , I went sit near him and said, "Tak mau dengag cek nyanyi ka? Biaq pi la burung tu pi.kesian dia tak makan."
                             Suddenly he gave in with a smile.(missed his smile for 2 days)..
                             "Ok nyanyi la .Lagi baik dari burung tu na.?"
                              So back like before, father and daughter were back to normal.I sang to him and he ate his lunch.

PS.Sorry ayah for letting the bird go.But I know I have done something anyone would do.Maybe burung tu pun ada ayah yang dia nak kena nyanyi masa makan..... God bless your soul ayah.

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