Friday, 10 June 2011

Bathed and washed by the roadside...?.

                    A long time ago people dug up wells for water supply.Usually they did it on gotong-royong basis.A well was shared by many in the neighborhood. No bathroom for privacy.Everybody sort of could not be bothered about each other.What you wear while bathing...nobody cares..


                     Then water came through pipes.A tap was installed by the roadside.The old folks were astonished how clean water travelled through pipes and there it was by the roadside.Everybody was excited.Wells were left untouched.P`1eople flocked to the tap by the roadside.Bathing, washing are all done there.
                     Peak hour was early in the morning and after school in the afternoon.We always went around 3 to 4 in the afternoon, when the place was deserted.
                      Then individual pipes were installed to our houses.Then we had privacy to bathe and did our washing in private, no sharing.That was the time water bills started to come in...! !

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