Tuesday, 7 June 2011

lifting a house on shoulders ??

      Long ago when people found that their house was not suitable to be in one place, they just moved the house to another .Normally on Friday (where the men would go for their Friday prayers) the Imam would make an announcement if a house was needed to be moved.After the prayer all the men would flocked there.
             Long big bamboo stems were used to act as a lever put under the floor of the house.  A leader was appointed to lead the event.He would shout at every single instruction so that everybody could hear.
             Using their shoulders the men with all their strength would lift up the house slowly to where the leader instructed them .Usually only a short distant from the old plot.
             When the house was safely placed where it should be, the owner would then served food to the men normally 'bubur kacang eaten with bread or cream crackers'. No money was given..The house on the move below looked exactly like my house when I was small.The tall windows...everything looks the same...
              We children would shout with the men every time they shouted.And when bubur kacang was served we were the first one to dip the bread in the bowl...Yummy...yummy.

                                                        Unity is strength...

Ps. Thanks for the photo Mr Adnan Yahaya.

                                                      This is another one.

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