Friday, 17 June 2011 kepal..

                                             Nowadays children love ice creams.Real creamy, top 
                                   up with chocolate or other flavours. Long ago during my time 
                                   we had 'ais kepal'. Ice was grated and compressed into a
                                   handful size. 
                                               Syrup with red colouring was poured onto it.
                                   you have to hold it in your palm and just enjoy the sweet
                                 cold juice till there was no syrup left only the grated ice.
                                           .Still we would finished the ice  hmmmmmmmmm          
                                   in no time.Small stalls were usually found along the way to
                                   school selling this.Around noon the mak chik selling the ice
                                   kepal was always busy.It was only sold for 5 cent  ! !



  1. wei the ice kepal was so cold that we had to keep changing the hand to hold it, left right,left right.

    wei mana hang dapat gambark ni?

  2. oi cari la nk hidup kah kah.. thnx for reading Timah..