Thursday, 23 June 2011

Sitting on newspaper watching free film shows

                                     During the time when there was no television, people went to the cinema to enjoy a film show. But since there was no transport that went into the villages to take passengers, people have other source of show to watch.
                                     We called it Wayang Pacak.Why was it called as such ? because the people from the broadcasting department came and pitch the screen on the field. They used a big generator to generate power. 
                                    Before the show the broadcasting people would come in a van and announced it. At my place it was usually shown at the field just 200 meters away from my house.
                                    As early as 7.30 there was already a large crowd waiting. I was very young then but I could see many girls wearing dresses like they were going to a function..with lipstick as red as the blooming hibiscus.Now I know why.Maybe it was the best time to hook a guy..he he..
                                     My mum would bring a mat made of Malaysian pine (mengkuang ) and we would sit down comfortably to watch the film.Normally the show would begin with documentaries showing government projects or latest programs before the real show begun.
                                     A few business minded people would take the opportunity to sell chick peas, or dried squids (grilled and eat it with sauce). Yummy...
                                     At one corner there was this balloon man selling balloons.You can hear children crying.Mothers were concentrating on the film while the children were nagging to buy the balloons...ha ha a truly genuine sight to see...

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