Saturday, 18 June 2011

capitol oh capitol

               Empire cinema as I told you earlier was one of the oldest cinema in Perlis. Normally showed old films usually black and white.Sometimes cowboy fighting the red Indians. I hate to watch this because the men liked to shout and shriek loud enough to blow your ear drums every time the hero did not realize the presence of a red Indian behind him ready to snap his arrow..
               They would shout" belakang ! belakang ! as if the hero could hear them..And then when the hero turned at the nick of the time, and shot dead the Indian, they would clap their hands as if they saw money flying down from the sky.
                Then Capitol cinema was built , Indonesian films started to flow in like rain. P.Ramlee films went down into the drains.Teenagers saved their pocket money just to see Rahmet Raharjo , Christine Hakim  or Emillia Contessa. 
                  I have my sweet moments too at Capitol watching a Chinese film with my sweetheart..he he
P.S. Now after 33 years Capitol cinema became UNIMAP....But I still see it everyday..with my heart sinking to the bottom

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