I was in the staff room when I saw him passed by. He was quite short for his age. With very short hair, uneven teeth and a big mole on his right chin, he was quite popular in school.
       What made me wonder was why was he not at the field for his PE lesson...and that was not the first time  I saw him heading towards his classroom during PE.
       A teacher is always a teacher.Always caring and very concerned. I walked out and followed him to the classroom. I stood outside the classroom. Watched him from outside. To my surprise , he was doing something to the bag on the second row.And it was not his bag..
       " What are you doing ? " I said out loud.
       He let go of the bag.It fell on the floor. I guessed he must be very shocked to see me there looking at him.
      "Nak ambik pensel teacher "
      "Nak buat apa pensel? Now is your PE lesson, and you need a pencil? for what ? "

       Nama pun budak2. He couldnt answer. Just standing there looking at me with his face pale macam tengok hantu.
     " Look here.Kalau tak habak kat teacher nanti kamu kena.Baik habak, or I will take you to the HM "
     "Nak ambik sticker teacher .."
     "Sticker sapa? Kamu punya ke ? "
     Then I saw the stickers...memang pun pujaan budak-budak masa tu.
     " Kamu curi sticker orang lain.Ni bukan beg kamu kan? "
     He looked at me.macam cicak makan kapur. Terkebil-kebil...
     kesian la pula...
          Saya teringin tengok depa dok main.Tak dak duit nak beli..." He explained. I remembered my son Ahmad Khazimi who has lots of those stickers at home..

          What would you do if you are in my shoes? Give that small cute face a tight slap ? Or let him go?
          Well, I ordered him to go back to the field to continue his PE after he put back what he has taken. In the class later I confiscated the stickers from the owner of the bag and gave a warning not to take them to school..
( Only the  following week I gave him back..)
          But I did something that I shouldnt have done. The next day I brought some stickers belonging to my son and gave that poor boy. Can you imagine that..Told him to play at home and never bring them to school or I will confiscate them..

          I will never forget the look on that small face when I handed him the stickers. Muka syurga yang sungguh jujur..and that smile from ear to ear..

         Children ,the gifts of God to us. Take care of them. If we treat them right , they will in return  take good care of us when we get old..


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