Hajat tak sampai..


        I told you in my earlier post, how my son Khazimi loves singing.And just like me he used to sing at a very young age. At 9 years old dah mula wakil sekolah dalam choir, and nasyid. Then at 12 dah berani to sing at the stadium for merdeka day celeberation.
       I still remember when he was 11 years old there was this singing competition in Kangar.Because the school saw his talents he was send representing the school. I chose the song for him. He got tru all the RCE level.. First in every show.
      Then came the day he was to compete at the final. About 12 finalists were chosen to sing on the day.It was held at the compound of Jab Pelajaran Perlis.  I bought him sepasang baju baru, seluar, kasut.
      On the morning of the competition,dengan takdir Allah, he fell sick.Badan panas. By 11 am suara hilang ! !
       Sayang nak lepas peluang bawa juga dia pergi. When his turn came, he sang in a hoarsy voice.. He looked at me. I signaled him to step down .But he continued singing .Tried hard to perform.Tempo and pitching ok saja.Kesian dia.Dalam sore throat and batuk tu dia masih dapat tempat ke 5 !

             I still keep this photo.Maybe he has forgotten about this incident.
             "Abg , kalau baca blog mak tengok gambag ni..ingat lagi dak ?  Inspite of that flu, the hot weather, you still entertained us with your song.You were the youngest contestant on the day yet you were able to sing with a live band.. Look at those two boys nearest to the stage.They were concentrating , and enjoying your song.." ...
             You have won the competition in your own way. I am proud...



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