Cikgu Muhammad..

            " Maznah jadi cikgu saja ? Saya ingat dia jadi lebih daripada tu ..."
            Those were his words when he knew it from my mak that I was in MTC. This is the man (on the left ) Cikgu Muhammad my teacher when I was in primary school.

            He came to my house for my son's wedding reception here in Perlis.As fit as ever.Mungkin orang kecik tak makan tua  kut.

            People called him Cikgu Mad Jepun .Why? because dia paling garang dulu.Budak2 semua scared stiff when he came near.But not to me.He was the most friendly teacher to me. In fact boleh sembang2 and bergelak ketawa ..
            Long ago in the morning he would come to me and asked for the lyrics of songs yang hot masa tu.I was in standard 6 then..
           "Hoi Maznah, hang bagi senikata lagu M Salman tu kat saya .." Then came again.." Oi cmmana nak nyanyi chorus lagu ni ..."
           So I would then sang there and then that particular chorus of the song..
                    Wahai si dara jelita..
                    janganla berputus asa..
                    Meski pun apa akan terjadi..
                    Kasih tak kembali......

            His good friend cikgu Jaafar ( dah arwah ) could play the guitar well and always sang his heart out in the small staffroom we had then in the old school.
           When we have extra class and I couldnt go ( no transport) he took the trouble to pick me up at home.Dia ada motorbike yang I always jadi penumpang setia waktu petang pi class..
           Everytime I got first in the exam he gave me 50 sen.Then he would say." Oi hang contract nombor 1 saja tau.jangan bagi orang lain ambik,satu lagi saya nak habak , hang susah sat saja tau.jangan susah sampai tua pula.belajar rajin2 ."
          Year in and year out those words were like a magic wand , following me everywhere.But I couldnt fullfill his wish to see me step my feet in university. because I have 5 mouths to feed and those hungry stomachs couldnt wait that long..
           After year 6 , I lost him until suddenly recently  I saw him in town .He was crossing the road..
           He has not changed much.muka macam tu juga.I recognized him instantly and shouted like crazy.." Cikgu. cikgu Mad ! ! " Jejak kasih bermula..

           He started." sapa ni? "
           Kami sembang di tepi jalan tu like there was no tomorrow..and recently he came to my house for my son's kenduri. Maybe I was just an ordinary primary school teacher, but I have lived a good life.inspite of  those painful times Allah has been so kind  to me.
          Terima kasih cikgu..for understanding, for your support, for putting yourself in my shoes,for everything you have done for me when I was poor, helpless and miserable..



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