Macam tak percaya ....


        Last week I went to town to update my ASB book at the post office. I parked my car at the Store Supermarket. On the way down to the post-office, I stopped by to get myself my favourite magazines.
         Then saw Guardian was opened, bought my day cream and some facial cotton. Walked all the way (dekat saja pun ) to the post office. Ambik number and waited for my turn. So many people there.I suka tengok..macam2 gelagat.
         Suddenly I looked down and saw that I was wearing the wrong pair of shoes. Both black ,but different shoes.One with two straps across, one with many2 small straps.Both about 2 1/2 inches. Ya Rabbi, tak boleh nak gelak. Tak tau nak buat apa.Never happened before. My turn to go to the counter was coming soon.!
        Faten relax je. " Dont worry la. nobody noticed . Afterwards you just wear mine when you go out there at the counter." Then dia gelak keras perut.

        I looked around, everybody dengan hal masing2. Maybe because I was wearing black pants, kasut pun black orang tak perasan kut  (He he pujuk hati sendiri ).

       So we exchanged shoes. Very loose.Faten wears a bigger size.And I seldom wear sandals.Felt awkward  Adoi..Then my number was called.
       Before I got up Faten said " control2."
       Memang control pun , but because you were wearing shoes not your size mesti lah rasa strange  sikit kan kan ?

       Habis urusan, Faten asked , " Now where to ? "
       " Where to apa? balik la."
       "Tadi you said nak pi tengok blouse."
       "Tak mau apa dah.Takkan nak move around in this shoes ? Nak balik..!."
       "Jum balik tukaq kasut dulu, then we come back "

       That time it was already 11am. Time masuk dapoq. So went home straight.Tengok muka Faten masam di sebelah..Nak buat cammana.Mood dah hilang sebab kelalaian sendiri.

      Nak ambik hati the next day keluar lagi dengan Faten, this time .tengok habis2 sebelum menyarungkan kasut..kah kah..

     Moral of the you grow older your actions grow slower and memories grow thinner..


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