Kak Maznah Abdullah..

        To a sweet old friend who shared many of my sad moments.

                                    Me in the red kebaya with Kak Nah , third from right.

           She was once the headmistress of a school in Kangar. She loves singing the most especially two remarkable songs ...her favourites were Canggung and Selendang Sutera.
              A lady cute and petite.Very sporting . Used to confide in her about many things before. She was with me when we sang with the PSKPP in  Kuantan  at Sek Men Alor Akar. In fact she was the one who helped me find an excuse there, when I had to go see a very important person in Sg Lembing then.
              We went singing to many places after that, but she was not always with me as her job as a headmistress kadang2 so busy, she couldnt make it. But I was not alone .I was always accompanied by the backup dancers.One of them was Puan Adeda , who was a teacher too living in Kangar ( became a good friend .)
           I remember Kak Nah's favourite words." Nah u tau dak lagu ni, bagi wording kat I ? "
           And when she saw me every time  she would say. " se nama mai dah" because we share the same name.
             Few years ago, I heard Kak Nah kena stroke. She was in London at her daughter's house then. After the stroke she was not herself anymore.When I visited her in Kangar,she was seated on the sofa .Her eyes fixed on the tv.Asked whether she recognize me, she paid no attention langsung.
            Her children hired two maids just to take care of her there. Her maid said " since you used to sing with her dulu, why dont you sing a song and see whether she can remember "
             So I sang her favourite Selendang Sutera with tears streaming down my face.

             " Selendang Sutera, tanda mata dari mu...telah ku terima sebulan yang lalu.."
             She stared hard at me, still no recognition in her eyes, But she nodded and said, "  ah ,ah"
Her maid told me, if someone tried to sing off tune or off pitched , she would shout, " No , No..! "

              I just sat there, looking at her, no point talking .She did not even turn to look at me.
             I tried to hug her before I left, she moved backwards and uttered " uh uh " refused to be touched. When I walked to the door , I  turned to look at her again. Her eyes glued on the television screen again, muttering something under her breath.
             I realized then she was not 'my' Kak Nah anymore..Because of her sickness she is like a stranger now to all her loved ones including me ,She whose shoulder I used to cry on..and I will never forget that sweet tender voice as she patted me who was crying and said " Dont cry,everything will be all right ....."



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