Horror...! !


           Somewhere in 1995, the teachers in SKSP organised a trip to USM in Penang. The headmaster En Salim suggested to take the year six pupils there to sort of show them the life in a university. Lots of advice from the lecturers and undergraduates to expose the pupils to study real hard so they too would be able to step their feet there.
           Among the teachers who went there was Pn Mariah. A quiet lady teaching English Language in the level 1. (Year 1 to 3).
           We stayed at the hostel. That night the men teachers started to frighten the girls and the female teachers about some eerie experiences they heard about USM hostel. I have heard about those kind of stories lama dah from my sister Mazila who used to study there after her STP. But biasa la pompuan, berapa kali dengar pun masih takut macam first time dengar.

           That nite we group together tidur dekat2.Picked up budak2 to sleep tepi so that we could be in the centre.he he.That nite it was safe and sound.Selamat..nasib baik 2 hari satu malam..

           The next day when we were already on the bus to come home, Pn Mariah excused herself to go to the toilet.So off she went. We seemed to wait for ages, she did not appear.So 2 girls were asked to go check on her.
           When we saw her coming, her face was white ...pale. She was not able to say a word. All the time she was gasping for breath.We let her take her time before she started telling her story.

          When she was in the toilet and about to come out, she heard footsteps running outside. A girl's voice shrieking, "Tolong, tolong, tolong ! !"
          Then a man's voice said " Jangan lari, jangan. aku bunuh hang , aku bunuh hang !  "

           Then the voice was so near.In fact it was in the toilet itself, in front of her door !. By then she was trembling .Takut tak tau nak cerita.
           The girl was heard to keep on crying for help. " Jangan bunuh saya , tolong jangan bunuh saya "
Then Mariah heard the sound like the man was stabbing a knife into the girl's chest.
            The girl was groaning in pain and the man was saying " Puas hati aku.Mampus hang ".

           Then everything was completely silent. Not a sound was heard anymore. Then she heard footsteps and the girls were calling, "teacher, teacher dok mana ? "

           Trying hard to get up she managed to open the door and stepped out. Relieved to see the pupils faces. She looked around the spacy toilet. There was no one. No one in sight. The floor was clean. No blood stains or anything to explain what she heard.

           "It was so real, I have never been so scared in my life." She said when she was able to have full control of herself.

           Some curious teachers asked the guard about it. The man said it was true.Many years ago an Indian girl was raped and killed around the place Mariah heard the noise.

           In the bus the men teachers were making fun of it.They asked the pupils to ask Pn Mariah, dia sempat dak basuh xxxxx sebelum keluar bilik air tadi....

           I was not able to laugh. I was still very scared myself then. Lucky I wasnt the one in the toilet .Or with my heart case history, I would have been dead dalam tu....mati ketakutan..Until now masih takut if I think about it..

 Pn Mariah and I after the incident. Tunggu dia calm down before we board the bus home.



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